Dr. Dipl. Ing. Sofia Dahl

wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

geboren am 4. März, 1972 in Stockholm, Schweden


  • Drumming
  • Players' motor control and interaction with the instrument
  • Production and perception of timing and tempo
  • Capture and analysis of expressive movement gestures


  • 1993 August - 1994 May: Studies in Music Performance. Wiks folkhögskola, Uppsala, Sweden.
  • 1994 August - 1996 August: Courses and essay work in musicology. Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • 1997 January: University Diploma in Electrical Engineering. KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • 1999 January - November: Courses in Neuroscience and Biomechanics. Karolinska Institute and Stockholm University College of Physical Education and Sports, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • 2003 May: Techn. Licentiate. KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Licentiate thesis: Striking movements: Movement strategies and expression in percussive playing [pdf]. Supervisors: Anders Askenfelt and Anders Friberg.
  • 2005 September: Doctor of Philosophy. KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Doctoral thesis: On the beat: Human movement and timing in the production and perception of music. Supervisors: Anders Askenfelt and Anders Friberg.

Praktische Tätigkeiten

  • 1995 January - 2000 September: Part time work as personal caretaker and assistant to persons with special needs.
  • 1997 February - 2005 December: Doctoral student. (Part time until Dec 2001, then full time.) KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • 2001 March - June: Guest researcher at Laboratorio di Informatica Musicale, Dipartimento di Informatica, Sistemistica e Telematica (DIST), Universita di Genova, Italy
  • 2006 January - December: Post doctoral fellow. Cognitive and Systematic Musicology Laboratory, Ohio State University, School of Music. Full time research with Prof. David Huron.
  • 2007 January - : Marie Curie fellow. Institute for Music Physiology and Musicians' Medicine, Hanover University of Music and Drama. Full time research with Prof. Eckart Altenmüller.


  • 1986 - present: Active playing the drums in various constellations (metal, rock, pop, and jazz). Last recorded with: Aoria
  • 1986 - 1992: Weekly drum lessons for Per Hultén at Kommunala Musikskolan.
  • 1989 - 1990: Participated in "Trumslagarpojkarna" instructed by Tommy Törner, and performed in a number of parades for the change of guards, "Vaktparaden".
  • 1993 August - 1994 May: Performance studies at Wiks folkhögskola. Weekly drum lessons for Hans Bruniusson.


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