Dr. Erwin Schoonderwaldt

Postdoctoral fellow

PhD in Speech and Music Communication
MSc in Technical Physics

Research interests

  • Music performance and pedagogy
  • Motor control and motor learning
  • Motion capture and movement analysis
  • Human movement sciences
  • Music acoustics

Current project

Currently, I receive a two-year postdoctoral fellowship by the Alexander von Humboldt foundation. The main goal of the project "Violinists in Motion" is to gain new insights in motor control and motor learning in complex movements, focusing on violin bowing (and other bowed-string instruments). Performances of violin students and professional players will be recorded using motion capture techniques, allowing for a detailed analysis of sound producing movements. The findings of the project could be applied to music pedagogy and music medicine.


I have a master degree in technical physics at the University of Amsterdam. After that I did my PhD studies at the Dept. of Speech, Music and Hearing at KTH in Stockholm, Sweden. In my thesis I presented studies to sound production in violin performance by measurement and analysis of bowing gestures. During my PhD studies I have also been involved in several co-operative projects on the use of new technologies in music education.


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Dr. Erwin Schoonderwaldt

Schiffgraben 48
30175 Hannover

Phone: +49(0)511/3100-578
Fax: +49(0)511/3100-557


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