Fabian Sternkopf

Scientific Collaborator




Research interests

  • python programming
  • statistics
  • dynamical systems

Current projects

- research on pain perception:
  - comparison of pain perception between musicians, dancers and non-artists
  - EEG data processing and analysis


- B.Sci. in Physics at TU Berlin (2012-2015)
  - emphasis on mathematical physics and dynamical systems
  - thesis on the comparison of different coupled neuron models

- M.Sci. in theoretical Physics at TU Berlin (2015-2019)
  - emphasis on probability theory, theoretical physics and dynamical systems
  - thesis on modeling the movement of the Trypanosoma brucei

- Work at Max-Planck Institute for human development Berlin (2019)
  - statistical coding
  - theoretical statistics with emphasis on information theory

- Voluntary work at different educational projects
  - Lernwerkstatt Berlin (free-learning assistance)
  - Innung für Metall- und Kuststofftechnik Berlin (Tutor/Lecturer)



Fabian Sternkopf

Office: Schiffgraben 48
Postal address: Neues Haus 1
30175 Hanover

Phone +49(0)511 - 3100-579
Fax +49(0)511 - 3100-557


Last modified: 2022-11-07

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