Florian Worschech

Scientific Collaborator

PhD Kognitive Neurowissenschaften

Postdoctoral researcher

Research interests

  • Motor control & learning
  • (Neuro-)Physiology of aging
  • Movement disorders
  • Music and exercise induced neuroplasticity

Current projects

  • musical training as driving force of functional and structural neuroplasticity and cognitive enhancement ("Train the Brain with Music Project")
  • external evaluation of a portable, gesture-based motion capture system and its potantial use in stroke rehabilitation
  • kinematic and dynamic analyses of bowing strokes performed by healthy and affected string players (musicians' dystonia)


  • since 2018: PhD student at the Center for Systems Neuroscience
  • 2013 - 2018: M.Sc. at the University of Bielefeld ("Intelligence and Movement")
  • 2015 - 2017: studies at the University of South Australia and the Radboud University (the Netherlands)
  • 2010 - 2013: B.A. at the University of Potsdam ("Sports Treatment and Prevention")
  • 1991: born in Greifswald

Study award "Music Physiology 2018" of the German Association for Music Physiology and Musicians' Medicine

ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Florian-Worschech-2



Florian Worschech

Büro: Schiffgraben 48
Postadresse: Neues Haus 1
30175 Hannover

Tel. +49(0)511/3100-580


Last modified: 2022-10-25

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