Musicians and Golfers dystonia


The current study is a collaboration with the Sports University Cologne. Its core topic is the comparison of the phenotype of musicians' dystonia (pianist' cramp) and golfers' dystonia (yips) and an intervention study aiming at improving the conditions with specific retraining methods, including guided attention, sensory-motor awareness and relaxation techniques.



  • To investigate to which extend performance anxiety, personality factors and working behavior contribute to the manifestation of dystonia.
  • Possible differences between musicians' and golfers' dystonia with respect to the above mentioned factors.
  • What are the phenomenology and the psychophysiology of the dystonic movements in both groups (e.g. Timing of initiation of the cramp with respect to the task). Can these movements be characterized objectively by means of electrophysiological methods (EMG) and by means of motion capture?
  • Can behavioral methods improve the condition and is there an exercise based therapeutic effect.


Psychological measurements (questionnaires), EMG, ECG, EEG, Kinematics analysis



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