Real-time MRI in Brass-players


Many brass-players are familiar with embouchure difficulties and the so-called „Tongue-Stopper“. But what happens exactly in the oral cavity and where does the tension arise which in the worst case might develop into a dystonia later on?




  • Imaging of tongue- and palate movements in brass-players
  • Diagnosis of dysfunction in playing via real-time tomography


Initially the different ways of playing in healthy brass-players are analyzed. In this experiment mouthpieces made of acrylic glass are played with different forms of embouchure.

In the second step we invite brass-players with an embouchure dystonia and try to characterize their clinical symptoms. Afterwards we want to develop exercises to eventually ease and cure the disorder.


  • This project is still in the pilot phase

Contact persons


    If you are a professional brass-player and would like to participate in this non-invasive study – please contact Prof. Altenmüller via this e-mail-adress:


    Last modified: 2015-12-09

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